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Sometimes, the questions have already been answered before you ask them! For your convenience, we’ve sorted the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by topic to include technical, sales, and reseller sections. Click the question below to select the section you are interested in. Click on the question, in order to see the answer.

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1. Unable to download the program properly
1): Please check whether virus has infected your computer.
2) Maybe your IE setting is not perfect, please click "Internet option..." under "Tools", and then select the "General" Page, just click "Delete file...", that will be ok!

2. I bought an older version of the program. How do I upgrade it?
Please contact : contact@download-software-free.com ,and with the Name of the program ,your Order ID ,Register Code ,and the Register Name.

3. I bought the program, but it still says it’s unregistered
You must download the Full Version ,the trial version can't be registered . you can find the full version in your Register Code email.
A. Download the Full version .
B. Uninstall the Trial Version.
C. Install the Full Vsion Instructions to register by copying and pasting:
1) COPY the registration code listed below by highlighting it with the mouse and pressing CTRL_C.
2) PASTE in the registration code by pressing CTRL_V in the register window box.
3) Do the same with the User Name. 4) Press "Register" on the register window box. You'll then have the full features of the program that you have ordered.

4. The burned Disc only can be played with computer, but cannot be played with DVD player.
Maybe it is because the burnt disc is not compatible with your player. Please visit http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php to learn some detailed information on how to make them compatible with. For example, you can try to use other software to make a disk compatible with stand-alone DVD players

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